What Happened to Jeremy Piven?

After starring in eight seasons of Entourage as foul-mouthed Hollywood agent Ari Gold, What happened to Jeremy Piven appeared to be on top of the world. He scored multiple Emmy nominations and even landed a movie sequel to the show that was a box-office bomb. But just like that, Piven’s career stalled. He’s been largely playing small parts ever since, with a few notable exceptions like Mr. Selfridge and the upcoming 2022 movie American Night.

But allegations of sexual misconduct are threatening to undo Piven’s long career in show business. Several women have come forward with claims of sexual assault and harassment against the actor, which he has denied. In the past year alone, three new accusers have stepped forward. Two of them claim that Piven groped them, and one says he tried to force himself on her in 1996. The other claims were much less severe but still serious: a background actress says Piven followed her into his trailer on the set of Lucas and pinned her down on a couch; another woman who asked to remain anonymous said Piven exposed himself to her in his Los Angeles home after a consensual meeting.

Jeremy Piven’s Hollywood Journey: Success, Scandals, and Surprises

In the wake of the accusations, Piven took a polygraph test and got his CBS series Wisdom of the Crowd canceled. He has been hitting the road doing stand-up comedy, but critics aren’t impressed with his attempts to sweep the allegations under the rug. Amy Meador, one of the accusers, said watching a video clip of Piven at a comedy show made her physically sick. She believes he blew it by “refusing to admit what happened” and by continuing to do comedy after the accusations surfaced.

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